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London’s first fully alcohol free restaurant and members club, located on Baker Street. We are industry pioneers for food and beverage and trendsetting environment where the entertainment is nonstop. PINQ Is a place where you could end your working week, start a night out or simply unplug and put your life on hold for a moment… and relax.

We have two atmospheres under one roof, on one side we have the wild, bright and energetic. Then On the other side, chic, sophisticated and a place where you could have “me time”.
We are the first and only virgin bar in London offering your favourite cocktails all night but without the regret the next morning. If you want the fun without the hangover PINQ is your first choice.
We provide a wide range of food from Pizza to burgers and pasta to steaks, all at your convenient time. As we are trading from 12 noon till 5am. So you could choose either to start your day with us or finish your night with us, whatever you decide to do, we guarantee that you were remember your experience with PINQ.
Ohhhh how can we forget… The famous cheesecake factory desserts ???? if you have a sweet tooth come to PINQ and you’re sure to be satisfied.
We at PINQ are excited to open our doors to the public in April 2022, as the world has gone through a lot in the past few years and now it’s time to unleash the entertainment.